Brewing Process

Polishing, Washing, Steaming rice

Crude rice is polished until it is 70% to 35% of its original weight. Then, the polished rice is washed and steeped in water, then it is steamed.

Making koji

About 20% of the total steamed rice is used for making koji.
Koji is a kind of mold. Spores germinate and grow on the rice during two days at 30 degrees centigrade to 40 degrees.

Making the seed mash

The seed mash is prepared by mashing steamed rice, koji, water and sake yeast.
About two weeks later fermentation is finished.

Making the main mash

The main mash , called moromi is prepared by the mashing of steamed rice, koji, water and the seed mash by three steps mashing method.
Fermentation is carried out at less than 15 degrees centigrade during 20 to 30 days.


After fermentation, the main mash is filtrated by a pressfilter.
The main mash is separated into Sake and cake.
The left picture is for filtrating daiginjo mash.Daiginjo mash is poured into a cotton bag, which is about 5 liter in volume.
Daiginjo sake drips though the cloth.